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Great article, Alissa. I have a set of triplet Gen Z children and agree completely with your assessment about their creativity, sense of global community, state of mind, etc.

I would also add that the Gen Z generation believes strongly in decentralization (of power, politics, monetary policies and even religion).

Gen Z population believes in spirituality and religion, perhaps more so that prior generations like baby boomers (myself included), but they don’t believe you have to go to physical location to pray or donate to a centralized church thousands of miles away from their community.

CNDL tokens launched recently by my Gen Z son, for example, is the first crypto currency token that aims at decentralizing religion.

I am delighted to see activism like this by your generation across all aspects of life to break down the old world order and help make the world a better and safer place to live for all of us.

The future is in good hands and looks brighter than ever!

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Loved Alissa! Well done!

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